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 Warmtech Underfloor Heating is the exclusive distributor of all Warmup products throughout Australia via a network of distributors and agents. We are totally committed to using the latest technology and the finest components in the production and installation of our heating.

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Our heating is installed over wooden or concrete floors, directly under the finished floor surface. It is usually installed under tiles and carpet, but also works well under other floor surfaces, including ceramic tiles, marble, porcelain, limestone, cork, vinyl, and polished and coloured concrete. It can also be very effective under wooden floors, depending upon the type and the installation method. The proximity of the heating to the floor surface means you can operate it when, where and at what temperature you want it - offering greater comfort for a fraction of the running cost of some other forms of heating.


Our heaters are classified as an appliance and are hard wired into the house main power supply via existing power circuits or specifically provided circuits. Each room has its own timer or thermostat, or a combination of both, giving you supreme comfort without an exorbitant cost.

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Warmtech Pty Ltd provides underfloor heating to thousands of homes and businesses in Australia. Our underfloor heating systems are designed with simplicity in mind, using the latest technology to deliver quality products at exceptional value.


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