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Simple is best

Warmtech’s undercarpet heaters use heating mats strategically placed wherever required. Positioned between the carpet and underlay, the heating mats are available in a range of shapes and sizes designed to fit most rooms. There’s no maintenance required, and no annual checkups are needed. With efficient zoning and a programmable thermostat, it’s easy to regulate your home’s temperature while saving energy and money.


Comfort, comfort, comfort…

Undercarpet heating will free your home of dampness, wheezing heat pumps, draughts and condensation. With no more dusty air being blown around the room, it's no wonder Warmtech’s radiant heating is recommended by health professionals as the logical choice for asthma sufferers. 



Undercarpet heating warms the floor surface where you need it. Since every room in your home has a different heating requirement, Warmtech undercarpet heaters are individually controlled, giving you a cost effective heating system.



Installation in new and existing homes is easy! Just install when new carpet is laid, or simply lift the existing carpet.



Warmtech’s undercarpet heating is the world's safest and most efficient undercarpet heating system on the market today. Our heating elements and controls are approved and certified to Australian and international standards - including those relating to carpets and carpet manufacture.



Our heating mats are robust, but should accidental damage occur, an approved technician is available to carry out any necessary repairs.



Our '5 plus 5' year guarantee is standard on both element and installation.



Warmtech undercarpet heating is also available in 'Do It Yourself' kits with full, comprehensive instructions. Click here for more information


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