Brochures and Specifications

Download brochures, installation and technical guides about Warmtech products.

In-Slab Heating

In-Slab Heating

Technical Specifications for In-Slab Heating

Inslab Preparation (PDF 279KB)

Inslab Product Information (PDF 235KB)

Inscreed Heating

Inscreed Heating Inscreed Heating Brochure (PDF 1.36MB)

Undertile Heating

Undertile Heating Undertile brochure(PDF 1.36MB)

Undercarpet Heating

Undercarpet Heating Undercarpet brochure (1.91MB)

Technical Specifications for Undercarpet Heating

Undercarpet brochure (PDF 631KB)

Running Costs (PDF 291.09KB)

Undercarpet Pricing Guide (PDF 54.96KB)

SDOC - Undercarpet (PDF 300.33KB)

Certificate of Compliance - Undercarpet (PDF 39.68KB)

Test report - Undercarpet heating mat (PDF 350.33KB)


Thermostats Thermostat Information (PDF 80.11KB)

Technical Specifications for Thermostats

Thermostat brochure (PDF 686.65KB)

Dual Touch Thermostat Brochure (PDF 694KB)

User guide - Models W3115DT AU & W3115DT Black (PDF 5.87MB)

Installation guide - Model W3115DT AU & W3115DT Black (PDF 3MB)

Model TH115 - Brochure (PDF 547KB) - Discontinued Model

Model TH115 - User Guide (PDF 137KB) - Discontinued Model

Model TH115 - Copy for Electrician (PDF 84KB) - Discontinued Model

Programming the TH115 - Step by step guide (PDF 503.46KB) - Discontinued Model

Visual Guide (PDF 724.38KB) - Discontinued Model

TSP-WT01 - Colour Touch Thermostat Brochure (PDF 334 KB)

TSP-WT01 - Touch Screen Thermostat - Suppliers Manual (PDF 548 KB)

MTC-1991-Analogue Thermostat Brochure (PDF 220.49KB)

MTC-1991 - Analogue Thermostat Installation Instructions (PDF 478 KB)

Thermostat Pricing Guide (PDF 225.38KB)

Model TH232 - User guide (PDF 229 KB)

SDOC - Thermostats (PDF 300.69Kb)




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