Why Underfloor Heating?

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Cleaner, eco-friendly energy

Join the shift to clean energy...

Climate change and concerns over fossil fuel supplies are forcing people to question previously accepted processes. Builders and architects are now required to build and design homes that are highly insulated and require less energy. 


The advantages of underfloor heating are fuelling a revolution.

The technology behind electric underfloor heating is ideally suited towards the shift to cleaner energy. It makes ecological and economic sense to prepare for a new era of clean, renewable fuel by installing electric floor heating.


Electricity as a Renewable Energy Source vs Oil and Gas

With dwindling supplies and frequent price rises of oil and gas, there is pressure on energy suppliers to provide cleaner forms of energy from renewable sources, such as wind and hydro-power. Heating from electricity provided by renewable sources is eco-friendly and abundant.


Zoning - Heat when & where you want it

With Warmtech’s underfloor heating systems, room temperature can be individually adjusted to suit your daily needs throughout the year. This energy-efficient system focuses heat exactly where and when you need it, so no energy is wasted.



Heat retention is central to energy efficiency. Insulation boards, placed on the subfloor prior to installing a Warmtech heating system, will reflect the heat upwards. No heat is lost, reducing running times and using less energy. Tests have shown that insulation can reduce heat up periods by 60% or more.

Warmtech’s electric underfloor heating systems are designed to warm your home, not the earth. By choosing electric heating for your home, you can help slow climate change and help Australia achieve its objective of becoming carbon neutral in electrical energy by 2025.

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